In keeping with SDG-Market’s mission to help investors capitalize projects connected to the UN’s 2030 Global Goals, we are sponsoring the Global Solutions Summit (GSS) Lunch Event being held at the United Nations on June 4th.

This year’s GSS is focusing on the organizational, entrepreneurial, financial, sociological and managerial dimensions of scaling technology deployment with the focus of doing so in order to meet the UN’s Global Goals by 2030.

We have decided to launch our SDG-Market Platform in partnership with the Global Solutions Summit and the United Nations. This is the culmination of years of work and research that have led us to the unveiling of our powerful tool for bridging the funding gap. Moving from billions to trillions in investments for the Sustainable Development Goals is a crucial intersection in our mission to accelerate the accomplishment of the SDGs b 2030.

Our platform is more than your standard equity investment portal, it is truly a marketplace that connects multiple types of investors to projects built around the SDGs.  This trillion dollar industry is typically opened only to those in the know, but the SDG Marketplace is designed to connect individual investors, pension funds, banks, traditional financial institutions, and insurance providers to impact investments we have vetted according to our 4D system.

Why the GSS?

We picked the GSS to launch because it is an extremely pivotal summit. Unlike most events, it goes out of its way to connect “thoughtful doers” working within the impact space.  The summit is followed by the Third Annual UN STI Forum. The STI Forum is backed by by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the UN Conference on Trade and Development, and the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development.

This year’s GSS is focusing more on deployment of sustainable solutions rather than technological breakthroughs. With most technological solutions having been found to global issues, the GSS is now moving towards helping entrepreneurs scale up properly and deploy their technology at a global level.

SDG Marketplace as a Solution to Deployment Issues

One of the focuses of the SDG Marketplace has been to inject capital into projects that are stable, yet need a boost to help with expansion as well as market penetration.  With this in mind GSS 2018 and SDG-Market are perfect partners to unleash the SDG Marketplace.

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David Mark
David Mark
David is SDG-Market's Chief Marketing Officer. He is considered an expert in the Middle East and Sub-Sahara African regions as they relate to indigenous rights and geopolitics. In the past he acted as an advisor to OurCrowd's director of investment community as well as having consulted a variety of fintech and equity level crowdfunding platforms.

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