China continues to surprise on their path towards sustainable development.  The EV revolution can be seen clearly  in Shenzhen, China, which this week became the first major city in the world to fully electrify its bus fleet. Shenzhen is located in the Guangdong province and is home to almost 13 million people. A large metropolis by any standard.  The city has a whopping 16,000 e-buses. In order to support the buses, operator Western Bus Group has installed more than 30 charging poles at its main depot this year.  This brings the city’s total charging pole stock to 8,000.

Following the success of the e-buses, Shenzhen’s public transport administration bureau has set a new target of replacing 100% of the city’s taxis with EVs by 2020, up from the current proportion of 62.5%.

China has often been criticized for its horrible pollution as evidenced in the air quality in Beijing, but the Chinese government has made it a point to make sustainability one of its priorities and has in many ways jumped ahead of other countries in attempting to accomplish the SDGs by 2030.

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