UN Secretary-General António Guterres recently pointed to India as an example of a country on the right track to achieving the SDGs.

“All people have the right to safe water and sanitation. If we are to build resilient societies on a healthy planet and achieve the overarching ambition of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we must tackle this issue urgently, as is being done in India,” Guterres said.

India has over 1 billion citizens, most live in poverty.  Despite this, the economy is advanced and diverse.  Given the surge in the country’s growth and middle class development it is reasonable to assume that the Modi government can and will march towards the SDGs.  India has continuously built a thriving hi-tech ecosystem with deep connections to countries like Israel as well as the USA.

This does not mean there are no challenges, but the foundation is there for India to grow and achieve the SDGs in time.

Listen to all of the UN Secretary-General’s speech below:

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