How does the Improvement of Food Security in Africa Lead to a Solution in the Migration Crisis?

Watch Dr. Agnes Kalibata’s talk on sustainable agriculture and improving food security in Africa.

Dr. Kalibata, a refugee from Rwanda speaks about how her own background as a child of farmers shaped her insights to food security issues in Africa.

“As a person who grew up in a small Hooda farm well being fed by what we grew in the back of our house – it was the main source of food and that it actually sustained us – I know that smaller farmers can feed themselves.”

Dr. Kalibata continues, “It’s not about food. They need to be able to provide the basic needs. We need to get out of poverty. Seventy to eight five percent of the average population of Africa lives in poverty.”

She points out that despite the massive amount of investment in Africa, it still is importing most of its food. She and her company Agra focuses on training Africans to solve their own food security issues within the continent itself.

This will solve the migration issue by luring young Africans back to Africa instead of going to the places that are the exporters of Africa’s food.

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